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Great! This is the first step to save thousands of dollars on your monthly electric bill.

With you being a homeowner you will quality for a government rebate of 26% of your solar system cost just for going solar. 

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Great! This will allow us to do a site survey and determine how many panels your system will need to save you the most amount of money.

If you have trees or other building blocking direct sunlight you may not qualify. 

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Great! The importance of this information will determine how much money we can save you monthly on your power bill. The more your bill the more we can save you.

If your bill is below $50 it is a high chance you would not qualify.

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Great! The good thing about our lenders is as long as you meet the 600+ critieria you can get the best rates in the industry. We offer 1.98 to 2.98 APR depending on your term.

If your score is below 600 you may still qualify just at a higher APR for your selected term.